PAR's Path To $80

About: PAR Technology Corporation (PAR)
by: Voss Capital
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Voss Capital
Long/short equity

PAR has a new CEO and a capital raise, giving them the brains and capital they need for their next leg in growth.

Brink remains the dominant cloud POS in the enterprise restaurant and fast casual space, and Brink's pipeline is giant.

Short term, medium term, and long term setup have improved from Q2's trough quarter.

Execution risk remains, but we believe the stock can double over the next twelve months from a re-acceleration of Brink growth and emerging scale.

Over the next few years, there is a path to $60-$80 dollars as new opportunities in Payments, Table Service, and International are realized.

PAR’s Path to $80

Note piece was originally written on August 22nd, 2019, so target prices are based on the stock's price at that date.

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