Good Time To Start Buying Yandex

About: Yandex N.V. (YNDX), Includes: GOOG, GOOGL
by: Damir Bobojanov
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Damir Bobojanov
Value, Growth, long-term horizon, hedge fund manager

Yandex is a leading technological company with a remarkable history and wide opportunities for vigorous growth, thanks to its operations that are taking place in a developing CIS market.

The company is doing its best to follow all the technological and social trends that are happening world-wide.

Comparing the company's projected growth and how these prospects have historically been treated by the market, we can assume wholesome potential for long-term investors.

As soon as the market’s craze over cloud companies is over, Yandex may return to the market price premium it commanded previously.

The company is now traded at around 5.5 of TTM sales, which is even lower than its historical 30% percentile of P/S ratio of 5.9.

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