Chipotle Mexican Grill A Better Wealth-Builder In Your Portfolio Now Than Tesla, Inc.

About: Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. (CMG), Includes: TSLA
by: Peter F. Way, CFA
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Peter F. Way, CFA
ETF investing, CFA, portfolio strategy, long/short equity

That may not surprise many auto-industry ICE advocates nor oil industry enthusiasts who believe “crude prices will rise again!” But recent CMG public-relations adventures might raise doubts.

Negative investment analyst comment currently centers around CMG’s 82% price rise in the past two years, overlooking that only 11% is the delayed continuance from 2016’s prior high.

That kind of stock price performance can and does attract the attention of institutional investment organizations, and we can monitor their continuing price expectations.

Because that monitoring is done in a standardized, systematic way for 2,600 other stocks and ETFs, we can directly compare the well-informed prospects for securities of many varied enterprises.

Our focus is on near-term prospects for capital gains, to be sequenced into longer-term compounding gains performance overwhelming interim minor losses inevitable in such competition.

What Do You Need to Know?

To make an intelligent investment capital commitment the investor should know these things – both about the proposed investment AND about the alternatives to it:

  • What alternative choices are