Autodesk, Inc.: A Better Portfolio Wealth-Builder Now Than Microsoft, Inc.

About: Autodesk, Inc. (ADSK), Includes: MSFT
by: Peter F. Way, CFA
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Peter F. Way, CFA
ETF investing, CFA, portfolio strategy, long/short equity

Buy notion based on past price gains following Market-Maker forecasts like today’s for each stock. But not by enough to sell MFST to make the buy.

Still, by enough to make any other DJIA stock a good source. And the same can be said for buys in a handful of other software providers, including MSFT.

Our special expertise is in translating Market-Makers’ self-protecting actions into forecasts of implied price ranges likely in coming months, evaluated by how well similar prior expectations have fared.

We do that here, now, for Autodesk, Inc. (ADSK)’s professionally perceived outlook, in comparison with Microsoft, Inc. (MSFT) and another half-dozen software competitors.

All of them are attractive near-term portfolio wealth-builders, but ADSK appears to be the best prospect for a next 3-month (or sooner) up +15% price gain of the lot.

Comparisons of parallel, relevant prospects follow:

That kind of stock price performance can and does attract the attention of institutional investment organizations, and we can monitor their continuing price expectations.

Because that monitoring is done