Banco Macro Navigates Difficult Seas: USD Earnings +61% As Its Stock Slides Lower.

About: Banco Macro S.A. (BMA)
by: Williams Equity Research
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Banco Macro has been on a wild ride. The stock's ADR was in the $60s in 2017 and surpassed $130 later that year on high expectations for Macri and Argentina.

The stock collapsed to $40 per share and consolidated for the next three quarters before nearly doubling to $76 in August of this year.

WER issued a speculative buy on BMA $40.55 in January for subscribers at the bottom of its trading range than recommended selling at $70.0 per share on increased political/currency risk.

That brings us to today. Argentina's political situation is as uncertain as ever. Let's comprehensively analyze Banco Macro and see where it stands today.

We include a deep dive on key aspects of the firm's financials and an update to the turmoil in Argentina including very recent elections.

Source: Macro

Banco Macro SA (BMA) (the "Bank") released second quarter results for 2019 on August 7, 2019. We are going to strategically work our way through the financials and overall business environment.