Digimarc: Recent Roundtrip Plus Near Term Catalysts Equals Significant Opportunity

About: Digimarc Corporation (DMRC)
by: LB Capital
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LB Capital
Long/short equity, Growth, tech

DMRC stock has given back almost all of the gains it enjoyed post the announcement of its transformative deal with WMT.

We believe the concerns that have led to this retracement are not only misplaced, but also transitory in nature.

More importantly, we also believe there are near term catalysts which should negate these concerns and propel the stock higher.

This article details these catalysts and why we believe they will be impactful to DMRC's stock.

Recently, Seeking Alpha editors reached out to ask us to write another article on Digimarc (DMRC) due to a high level of interest amongst their readers and a lack of anyone else writing