Aptevo Therapeutics: Profitability Might Be 12 Months Away

About: Aptevo Therapeutics Inc. (APVO)
by: George Kesarios
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George Kesarios
Long/short equity, Deep Value, special situations, contrarian

Aptevo announced preliminary Q3'19 product revenue for its Hemophilia B drug IXINITY will be about $9M.

This is a very important development because it represents a 22% sequential increase and 55% Y/Y increase. It also means traction is gaining momentum.

This also means Aprtevo might be very close to being cash flow positive over the next 12 months.

And as I have said in previous articles, this might also mean APVO shares might become a never-expiring option on the company's pipeline.

APVO shares have the potential for a tenfold increase based on IXINITY revenue alone.

Several days ago, Aptevo Therapeutics (APVO) provided a corporate and pipeline update that surprised me (and I don't get surprised easily).

To begin with, the company's hemophilia B drug IXINITY will do about