Suncor's Viable Reserves Make It A Top Oil Pick For Next Decade

About: Suncor Energy Inc. (SU)
by: Zoltan Ban
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Zoltan Ban
Commodities, macro, gold & precious metals, long/short equity

Suncor has one of the best viable oil reserve life ratios among major oil producing companies.

Reserves have been shunned as an indication of company value, given shale boom, which gave impression of plenty, while imminent peak oil demand theories gained traction.

With long-term demand forecasts showing continued increase in the foreseeable future, while shale production is showing signs of stagnation, next decade's mindset will turn in favor of valuing ample reserves.

For the past few years, analysts stopped looking at oil reserves with great interest when evaluating oil & gas companies. The dominant paradigm within society became that soon the world will stop using oil, leaving