Forget Treasuries At 1.7%: We Like 10% Yield Government Exposure (GEO Group 2026 Bonds)

About: The GEO Group, Inc. (GEO), Includes: CXW
by: Left Brain Investment Research
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The GEO Group is a for-profit prison with steady long-term government contracts.

GEO recently sold off dramatically thanks to overblown headline risks related to its involvement with ICE and the US-Mexico border crisis, as well as California’s initiative to ban for-profit prisons.

GEO’s 2026 bonds offer an attractive 7.6% current yield, a 10.5% yield-to-maturity (they trade at 79 cents on the dollar), and they’re on our top ideas list for October.

The political attacks against The GEO Group (GEO) have been ferocious and relentless. Yet the company's business and long-term financial strengths continue to grow. And while the 12.5% yield on shares of this