FundX Upgrader Funds Blend ETFs, Open End Funds (FUNDX, HOTFX, RELAX, INCMX, STOCX)

by: Roger Nusbaum

Roger Nusbaum (wish list) submits: In response to my post the other day about a fund of ETFs, I had a comment left about a fund and fund company that I hadn't heard of before, FundX Upgrader Funds.

According to the home page it looks like they have five funds:

1. Upgrader Fund (MUTF:FUNDX)
2. Aggressive Upgrader Fund (MUTF:HOTFX)
3. Conservative Upgrader Fund (MUTF:RELAX)
4. Flexible Income Fund (MUTF:INCMX)
5. Stock Upgrader Fund (STOCX)

STOCX looks like its brand new so I'll leave that out of the rest of the post.

The marketing department is very clever -- those are great ticker symbols (not being sarcastic).

The funds are a blend of other open end funds and ETFs. I saw no CEFs in any of the funds. The returns for all four have been very good in terms of the funds doing what they are supposed to do. Morningstar gives FUNDX and HOTFX three stars, RELAX gets four stars and INCMX gets five stars.

What makes the rankings noteworthy is that these funds all look to be very expensive (as you might expect) with OERs in the mid and high twos, even the income fund. Morningstar places a lot of importance on fees. INCMX has five stars with a 2.41% expense. This is surprising to me.

I'm hard pressed to think a fund of funds is the best path but by and large the managers' approach does add risk adjusted value. There are plenty of drawbacks here and this type of thing gets written about a lot so I'll just leave it with a mostly positive post and say I will continue to watch these and see if I develop more of an opinion.


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