Menlo Therapeutics And Serlopitant In Pruritogenic Prurigo Nodularis: On Track

About: Menlo Therapeutics Inc. (MNLO)
by: First Genesis Consulting
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Pruritogenic responses usually evolve from chronic diseases predominantly affecting the skin and liver.

Menlo Therapeutics is developing serlopitant to treat pruritus associated with diverse skin diseases.

Serlopitant is an oral neurokinin-1 receptor antagonist with good safety and tolerability profiles.

In 2020, Menlo moves one step closer to commercial-stage status if serlopitant is clinically successful in pivotal Phase 3 trials in prurigo nodularis.

Therapeutic Void

Pruritus (i.e. intense itch) is a symptomatic event of chronic skin and liver diseases that is problematic for most patients. Some patients with chronic liver disease describe pruritus as feeling like something crawling