iShares Aaa-A Rated Corporate Bond ETF: Investors May Want To Wait On The Sidelines

About: iShares Aaa – A Rated Corporate Bond ETF (QLTA)
by: Ploutos Investing
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QLTA invests in intermediate-term investment grade corporate bonds.

The ETF has a much lower average default rate than non-investment grade bonds but has some interest rate risk as its bonds have an average effective maturity of 7.45 years.

QLTA has a trailing 12-month yield of 3%.

ETF Overview

The iShares Aaa-A Rated Corporate Bond ETF (QLTA) focuses on intermediate-term investment grade corporate bonds in the United States. The ETF tracks the Bloomberg Barclays U.S. Corporate Aaa–A Capped Index. QLTA