Healing Trauma Through Cannabis, With Fabian Henry

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  • Fabian Henry is founder and director of Breton CannaPharms and president and founder of Global Alliance Foundation Fund, which helps veterans recover from trauma.
  • Fabian was recently featured in the documentary Unprescribed, which looks at medical marijuana as a treatment for PTSD and a means for combating veteran suicides and helping them return home from combat.
  • He joins the show on Veterans Day to discuss why cannabis is the best medicine for trauma, the frustrating reality of legalized cannabis in Canada and the four pillars of treatment.

I am happy to be joined today by Fabian Henry, founder and director of Breton CannaPharms, president and founder of Global Alliance Foundation Fund, which subsidizes Veterans for Healing, a non-profit organization that Henry co-founded in 2014 with the aim of helping veterans recover from trauma. He also founded Marijuana For Trauma and was recently featured in the documentary Unprescribed, which shows veterans losing valuable benefits and sometimes their jobs by turning to cannabis to get off the cocktail of drugs prescribed by military doctors for war-related trauma. Unprescribed looks at medical marijuana as a treatment for PTSD and a means for combating veteran suicides and helping them return home from combat.

Today is Veterans Day in the US, it's called Remembrance Day in Canada and parts of Europe, but wherever you live, or whatever you call it, and whether you yourself served in the military or know someone who has or whether you want to help that community or stand up for it in some way, take some time to listen to Fabian's story and how he's turning his own pain into a source of healing for his fellow veterans.

Topics include:

  • 1:47 - Fabian joined the Canadian Armed Forces, went to Afghanistan and came back with PTSD, then followed the pharma cocktail route. He is now in the Canadian medical cannabis space on the East Coast of Canada, founded a company called Breton CannaPharms. They grow medical cannabis for injured veterans, primarily targeting trauma patients not just with the cannabis, but with a total health approach.
  • 3:30 - Armed service members and PTSD - how much cannabis has helped them and how harmful opioids have been and continue to be. Cannabis allows Trauma victims to calm their brain. Hard work is the heart work - figuring out why a person has trauma. Can't sit in therapy on a cocktail of opioids. Veterans Affairs Canada pays for cannabis prescription. States have work to do.
  • 6:35 - Cannabis is a direct threat to big pharma - pharma still trying to hold onto the market. Benefits of cannabis, yoga and a whole food/plant lifestyle for survivors of trauma.
  • 9:11 - Documentary called Unprescribed done over the last three years with Fabian, about all the Americans not having access to cannabis, not getting coverage, even being threatened to lose their pensions if they use cannabis in some states. Planning a sequel to focus on Canada.
  • 11:00 - Fabian's charity for veterans, Global Alliance Foundation Fund. Four pillars of treatment; setting up the charity to be a model across North America and reduce costs that are being spent on pharmaceuticals. In touch with doctors and regulators.
  • 15:37 - How cannabis helps with trauma. Slowly gaining acceptance with medical community. Problems of legalization. Medical patients in Canada taking the hit since legalizing.
  • 18:06 - Change is possible, but it will take time. Next generation will laugh at how little awareness and access there was for cannabis. Social responsibility to helping veterans.
  • 21:42 - Advice for veterans suffering through trauma: even though it's hard to remember, the worst feelings are temporary. Focus on the three Ss: Story (We all have the same story), Science (Science is out there to back us up right now) and Solutions (Different solutions work for different people - the more options we have, and the more we share what works, the quicker we can help each other out).

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