Monopar Therapeutics And Validive In Severe Oral Mucositis

About: Monopar Therapeutics Inc. (MNPR), Includes: AMGN
by: First Genesis Consulting
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Monopar Therapeutics is a clinical-stage biopharma developing adrenergic receptor agonist, clonidine (Validive), for treating SOM-associated oropharyngeal cancer in response to chemoradiotherapy.

Oropharyngeal cancer accounts for 70% of all head and neck cancer.

Kepivance by Amgen was approved by the FDA in 2004 to reduce the incidence and duration of SOM in patients with certain types of blood cancer (i.e., hematologic malignancy).

There are no FDA-approved therapies for non-hematological-associated SOM.

Lead investigative drug candidate Validive is Phase 3 ready for clinical evaluation in oropharyngeal cancer patients stratified for human papilloma virus.

Therapeutic Differentiation

Monopar Therapeutics (MNPR) is a privately held, clinical-stage company that recently initiated a $40 million IPO (pending). MNPR has a diverse pipeline, including MNPR-101 and Camsirubicin (MNPR-201), in clinical development