Invesco's Big Dividend Is On The Right Side Of Secular Trends

About: Invesco Ltd. (IVZ)
by: Kirk Spano
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Kirk Spano
Value + Growth, dividends, Option Income, macro

Invesco is more than a big dividend payer, but the almost 7% dividend is nice.

Invesco distributes the wildly popular Invesco QQQ ETF which has outperformed SPY and VOO over most time frames for its twenty-plus-year existence.

Invesco is slowly gaining market share in a consolidating industry that continues to grow as mutual funds die off.

Invesco has significant expansion opportunities into Europe.

The management is very shareholder-friendly, returning capital.

Invesco (IVZ) is best known as the distributor of the Invesco QQQ ETF (QQQ). While QQQ is a core holding for most indexers, as well as long-term growth investors, the parent