Dow's Reformulation Attractive For Dividend Hunters

About: Dow Inc. (DOW)
by: Laura Starks
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Laura Starks
Long only, energy, oil & gas, commodities

After combining with DuPont and re-sorting its businesses, Dow emerged in April 2019 to again trade independently.

Market cap is $40.2 billion and Dow pays a good 5.2% dividend. Year-over-year EPS growth is projected at 20%. But it has a steep liability-to-asset ratio of 72%.

Dow’s experience in chemical operations and its ability to use several different feeds for ethylene manufacture set it apart from other companies.

After combining with DuPont, Dow, Inc. (DOW) re-established as an independent company in April 2019. While investors should be aware it has a heavy debt load, this enormous blue-chip is a long-time successful,