Amur Minerals And Garibaldi Resources: 2 Mining Juniors To Benefit From A Nickel Boom As LME Inventories Fall Sharply

About: Garibaldi Resources Corp. (GGIFF), AMMCF, Includes: AMSLF, ARRRF, CTEQF, HNCKF, NILSY, PSDNF, RNKLF
by: Matt Bohlsen
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Matt Bohlsen
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LME inventory levels fell last week, the most in 40 years. Nickel price forecasts all see higher nickel prices in the next decade.

Two nickel juniors that can do very well if nickel prices spike higher.

Risk and reward are both higher when investing in junior miners.

This article first appeared on Trend Investing on October 10, 2019; therefore all data is as of this date.

Two recent events have caused nickel prices to rise as inventories fall:

  • The Indonesian nickel ore