November Outlook On Binance Coin

About: Binance Coin USD (BNB-USD)
by: The Freedonia Cooperative
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The Freedonia Cooperative
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Binance has expanded into the United States, and new volume could help the value of its native coin (Binance Coin) grow.

There are differing opinions on the value point of BNB, but being underpinned by Binance itself has Freedonia calling for it as a "safer" crypto call (relative, of course).

Still, BNB shows a downward trend on trading against Bitcoin which continues to see volatility and has fallen below $9,000.

After starting off 2019 on a solid note, the Binance Coin (BNB-USD) seems to have lost its way, hammered by the rise of Bitcoin which more than tripled its Q1 2019 value in