Nissan's Conventional Auto Tech Issues Threaten Its Ability To Compete In Growing EV Segment

About: Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. (NSANY), NSANF, Includes: F, TSLA, VLKAF
by: Zoltan Ban
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Zoltan Ban
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Nissan was off to a good start in regards to establishing a presence in the EV market with the Leaf, but then it failed to keep the momentum going.

New EV crossover called the Nissan Ariya with a 300 mile range is set to enter the market soon.  The concept shows that Nissan understands EV market trends.

While its EV strategy is good, Nissan's efforts to compete in the EV market next decade will be hampered by, its CVT transmission problems.  Its destroying its financial health.

Given the fast-growing EV niche market within the global auto industry, automakers can no longer ignore the need to establish a solid presence in it. I wrote a series of articles exploring the strategy employed