Melt-Up Alert: Amazon Rises, Intel Hurts Dell, HP But Helps AMD, And Deere Likely Phase One Winner

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by: David H. Lerner
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David H. Lerner
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GDP is above 2%. Where is the recession? With that fear behind us, stocks could rise even higher than expected.

Amazon is finally on the move, go with that flow. I think Alibaba moves with it as well.

Intel mistakes hurt revenue for Dell and HP Inc. This only helps Advanced Micro.

Even though the Phase One deal looks like it will happen and the December 15th deadline for rising tariffs will be delayed, I am executing my hedging plans.

Q3 GDP revised upward to 2.1 from 1.9, this is confirming of the underlying economy

Durable goods headline growth of 0.6%. If you strip out autos, and aircraft, non-defense spending, a good measure of corporate