Microsoft: HoloLens To Change The World - And Make Tons Of Money

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by: DoctoRx
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MSFT is beginning to sell HoloLens 2, replacing the 2016 HoloLens with a much-improved product.

The $3500 price tag (plus potential extra related services) means that this is a business and medical product.

MSFT has been suggesting that by version 4.0, consumer use is to be expected.

MSFT is promoting the HoloLens franchise as having the potential to replace numerous smaller devices with screens, such as smartphones and PCs.

This article provides an overview of HoloLens 2, MSFT's vision for it, and sees it as one of several reasons to hold MSFT for long term alpha.

Introduction - HoloLens: can it change the world of small-scale computing?

Microsoft (MSFT) is allowing its top people on the HoloLens 2 product (and ongoing project) to say some audacious things. If they