Thanksgiving Edition: Long-Term Investing Rules And Suggestions

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  • Before you start investing and trading, you need to practice financial hygiene first.
  • The first investment is Cash. You should have a cash cushion for emergencies. The next is maxing out your 401(k) and IRAs.
  • Long-term investing is the foundation of wealth building. Trading should be separate from investing. When you are investing for the long-term, you are an owner.
  • The great advantage of Investing is time scale. Use time against traders and you can win.

I write a lot about trading because it's fun, done right can create wealth, but your financial foundation must be investing

People tend to confuse the two with potentially disastrous results. I have touched on a number of differences between the two ever since I have been writing for a larger audience. I feel that in the remove of Thanksgiving and the closed market today, it makes sense that I consolidate my thoughts into one piece.

Financial Hygiene

First, it is important to talk about financial hygiene, before you start risking money on trading, and even investing, there are several things you should work on:

  • Have enough cash on hand to cover your absolute necessities - rent/mortgage, food, insurance, etc. - for at least six months. I would shoot for 12 months, but six is the absolute bottom line.
  • Do you have credit card balances that are just carried from one month to another? You know the banks are charging you 20% for that, right?
  • Put your everyday bills on auto-pay. Late payments affect your credit score.
  • If setting aside cash for an emergency seems impossible with all your expenses, and you are running your credit, you are living beyond your means.
  • With 3.5% unemployment, perhaps you should look for a higher paying job, or look for some side consulting. Maybe you should really look at what you are spending your money on. Maybe you bought too much house. I know these are uncomfortable thoughts, but your friends aren't going to say anything or your family. Leave it to this annoying old guy to just give it to you straight; bankruptcy starts very slowly and imperceptibly until it happens all at once.

What to do?

  • Stop using your credit card. Use cash until you spend down your balance. Don't carry your

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Additional disclosure: I own BP shares in my long-term investment account

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