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Fastest Marketplace Climbers For November 2019

by: SA Marketplace

The year-end rush is upon us, and Marketplace authors have been revving up accordingly.

November saw several services accelerate in growth, including some new faces.

The platform is poised to finish the year strong.

by Daniel Shvartsman

November continued a strong stretch for the Marketplace, as each month in the second half of the year has outperformed the best month in the first half. November came in as the third best month of the year, as authors from across the spectrum began their year-end pushes with different campaigns and content strategies.

December is poised to be a big month too. We publish the year-end Marketplace Roundtable series over the holidays, which is a highly read feature (see last year's last post, including links to all the other parts). We're also working on an updated Marketplace page that we look forward to sharing. And I'm sure our authors will be sharing year-end thoughts and ideas on their own.

In any case, here are our fastest climbers for November, as always sorted by most net monthly recurring revenue added, that is after you factor in cancellations, for the last 28 days of the month.

Service Name Author name

High Dividend Opportunities

Rida Morwa


High Yield Landlord

Jussi Askola


The Dividend Kings

The Dividend Kings


iREIT On Alpha

Brad Thomas


The Market Pinball Wizard

Avi Gilburt

6 CEF/ETF Income Laboratory Stanford Chemist
7 The Easy VIX Michael Gettings
8 The REIT Forum Colorado Wealth Management Fund
9 Predictive Analytic Models Robert P. Balan
10 Value & Momentum Breakouts JD Henning
11 ROTY Jonathan Faison
12 Integrated BioSci Investing BioSci Capital Partners
13 Tech Insider Research Beth Kindig
14 Reading The Markets Mott Capital Management
15 Cash Flow Compounders Thomas Lott
16 HFI Research Natural Gas HFIR Energy
17 The Savvy Investor Fear & Greed Trader
18 The Active Investor Brian Fletcher
19 Energy Income Authority Michael Boyd
20 Value Investor's Stock Club Value Digger

It's a familiar top of the table, with Rida Morwa, Jussi Askola, and the Dividend Kings all having very strong months. A few other names that have made this list regularly include Stanford Chemist, Avi Gilburt, Colorado Wealth Management, JD Henning, Mott Capital Management, Brian Fletcher, Thomas Lott, and Michael Boyd, as well as Brad Thomas who is holding off The Dividend Kings on the overall leaderboard.

New services include Michael Gettings' The Easy VIX and Beth Kindig's Tech Insider Research, both of which launched in late October and saw good follow-through. And Fear & Greed Trader, Robert P. Balan, HFIR Energy, and Value Digger are not new services, but had strong months to pop up on this list regardless. I'll lastly call out Jonathan Faison and BioSci Capital Partners, showing some strength in the biotech category.

We're looking forward to seeing how things shake out in December, and we'll also post a fastest climbers for the year list as part of next month's post. Congrats to all our authors! Thanks to all our readers! And wishing everyone a good finish to the year and a happy holiday season.

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