Chatham Lodging Trust Is A Good Option To Replace Condor Realty In A Hospitality REIT Portfolio

About: Chatham Lodging Trust (CLDT), Includes: CDOR, HT
by: John Alford
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John Alford
Long only, value, growth at reasonable price, long-term horizon

I was a long-time holder of Condor Realty from shortly after it's distressed Supertel days through the announcement of the approved buyout.

I haven't replaced that position and looked at adding another select-service hospitality REIT as I frequently stay in this type of hotel for both my careers.

Chatham Lodging Trust is one of the REITs I investigated and I am looking to initiate a position for my securities portfolio.

While all hospitality REITs have been under pressure, I believe the long-term prospects for Chatham are appealing, and the solid, monthly dividend will "pay me to wait".

I first became interested in hospitality REITs in the early "20 teens" as a frequent business traveler working for the defense industry. Select service hotels near bases were consistently at or near full occupancy during