Buying Opportunity In Arista Networks

About: Arista Networks, Inc. (ANET)
by: Andres Cardenal, CFA
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Andres Cardenal, CFA
Long/short equity, CFA, ETF investing, macro

Arista Networks is down by 40% from its highs due to disappointing sales guidance.

However, this looks like a temporary slowdown due to delayed spending from a big customer.

The business remains competitively strong, and growth opportunities are quite attractive over the long term.

Expectations have been reduced, and valuation looks quite attractive if growth rates accelerate again in the future.

The current pullback in Arista Networks looks like a buying opportunity for long-term investors who can tolerate the short-term uncertainty.

Arista Networks (ANET) stock is down by over 40% from its highs of the year, mostly due to disappointing sales guidance. However, chances are that the slowdown in growth will only be temporary,