Hasbro And The Frozen Fever

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by: Gold Panda
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Gold Panda
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The first Frozen movie was such a phenomenon that toy makers needed all of 2014 to catch up with demand for merchandise.

Hasbro has the licenses for Disney's Frozen and Disney Princesses toy products and Frozen 2 merchandise seems to be the one toy product line retailers have been willing to stock up.

Hasbro is not repeating the 2013 mistakes and the dolls alone are expected to become a $500 million business.

With box office revenues in China almost doubling, I think there will be a windfall for Hasbro from the east.

(Source: Disney)


Disney's (DIS) Frozen 2 raked in a record-setting $123.7 million over the five-day holiday frame and is set to become the company's sixth movie in 2019 to gross over $1