3 Reasons I Am Considering Buying AutoZone

About: AutoZone, Inc. (AZO)
by: The Dividend Bro
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The Dividend Bro
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AutoZone doesn't pay a dividend, but I think the stock is quite appealing.

The company's most recent earnings report was solid, the balance sheet is healthy, and shares trade at a reasonable valuation.

AutoZone is also a notorious buyer of its own stock, having retired half of its share count over the last decade.

The company performed exceptionally well during the last recession, as its business is fairly recession-proof.

Despite not paying a dividend, I am very interested in owning shares of AutoZone.

Outside of workplace retirement accounts, all of our investments are in dividend paying stocks. It is the dividends from our portfolio that will help pay expenses in retirement. Share prices will fluctuate over time, but