Tesla: Ready To Re-Enter The Fast Lane

About: Tesla, Inc. (TSLA), Includes: DDAIF, NEE, POAHY, SPY, TAN, XLE
by: DoctoRx
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TSLA has been churning for 2 1/2 years above and below its $330 current price, but technicals and fundamentals suggest it's poised to rejoin and lead the renewed bull market.

TSLA surged during QE 3, and now the Fed is encouraging risk-on speculation. TSLA is a major beneficiary of extra liquidity, and has re-entered an uptrend.

Global public opinion is continuing to swing toward TSLA's vision of our energy future, which opens up huge growth potential for its products.

Operationally, it has gotten its act together much more than 1-2 years ago, while EV competitors falter.

TSLA's growth potential is so large that during this "not-QE" policy of Fed money printing, new highs in the stock price can still leave the stock with lots of upside potential.


I've moved from neutral on Tesla (TSLA) at $317 two years ago, in Thinking Differently About Tesla, to long-term bullish at $300 in October 2018 (but cautious due to Fed tightening),