SEA: Global Shipping To Rebound In 2020s

About: Invesco Shipping ETF (SEA)
by: Harrison Schwartz
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Harrison Schwartz
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After a decade of poor shipping stock performance, the 2020s appear to have ample turnaround potential.

With the energy-glut slowing falling, demand for energy transportation is likely to rise.

Due to low demand growth, creation of new vessels has been low and many old tankers may go out of service due to new environmental regulations.

These factors have boosted global shipping rates and are likely to bring them much higher over coming years.

While many shipping companies are struggling with high interest expense, improving economic fundamentals may give them a much-needed profitability boost.

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Global shipping stocks have been among the worst-performing industrial equity group since 2008. They were first hit by a trade-slowdown caused by the global economic crisis and then the crash in