GasLog Partners: Solid Quarter And Growth Potential On Strong LNG Market

About: GasLog Partners LP (GLOP), Includes: GLOG
by: Power Hedge
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GasLog Partners' headline earnings numbers were a bit disappointing as it showed a YOY revenue decline and missed earnings expectations.

The actual partnership performed very well though and was dragged down a bit by accounting nuances caused by the overall business structure.

The LNG market continues to look very strong as demand from China and especially Europe is surging. This is in line with our earlier predictions.

The company's backlog pipeline has expanded somewhat as energy companies are continuing to show a very strong desire for long-term charters.

GasLog Partners managed to fix the problem of light distribution coverage as expected and now looks very financially strong.

On Wednesday, October 30, 2019, liquefied natural gas carrier partnership GasLog Partners LP (GLOP) announced its third-quarter 2019 earnings results. At first glance, these results appeared to be rather disappointing as the