Lannett: Building Success One Step At A Time

About: Lannett Company, Inc. (LCI), Includes: ELTP
by: StrategyDoc
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All businesses face external threats that typically exist within the socio-legal-political-competitive environments in which they operate. Lannett is no exception.

Many of the threats Lannett faces are common to pharma businesses, particularly when focused on the highly competitive generic drug business.

Lannett acknowledged and well documented its commonly understood threats in their SEC filings, including their 2019 annual report and Q1 2020 report.

Of note are specific threats mentioned as being “existential” which some believe question of the viability of Lannett as a business.  These threats are the basis for this article.

It has long been said, and as history proves, bad things happen to good people. And it follows that bad things happen to good companies. Good companies fail. Evidence? How about a quick comparison of