FEN: Best-Performing MLP Fund, 11.5% Yield, Market-Beating Returns, Lower Risk

About: First Trust Energy Income&Growth Fund (FEN)
by: Juan de la Hoz
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Juan de la Hoz
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Midstream energy companies continue to report skyrocketing revenues, earnings and cash flows, even as share prices and valuations remain stubbornly soft.

Investors have suffered very sizable losses, with most midstream stocks and funds down by double digits or more in the past year.

One fund, however, managed to deftly navigate the crisis, achieving double-digit market-beating total shareholder returns for the past year, even as midstream valuations collapse.

FEN offers investors double-digit market-beating total shareholder returns and distribution yields, a decades-long track record distribution growth, and the time-proven ability to successfully navigate market downturns.

A while back, I wrote about the First Trust Energy Income & Growth Fund (FEN), a small, relatively under-covered midstream energy fund. I said FEN was the best fund in its industry, as