Strategic Opportunities: 2 Dividend Stocks To Buy Before The China Trade Deal

About: China Mobile Limited (CHL), FDX
by: Hawkinvest
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Value, contrarian, dividend investing

A trade deal with China is the most probable outcome, the timing of which appears to be the only real variable.

Even if there was no deal and tariffs became the new normal, the trade war impact will fade, supply chains will simply change and global growth will resume.

It makes sense to buy stocks that have been impacted by the tariffs and uncertainty surrounding trade, before the trade war and negative headlines become irrelevant.

These two stocks are undervalued and offer dividend income that will pay investors while waiting for a rebound in the share price.

As many of you know, I am always looking for strategic buying opportunities that are created by everything from company specific news, to global events, to major stock market corrections. For example, in December of