Raven Industries A Buy With New Company Focus And Google's Project Loon Launch

About: Raven Industries, Inc. (RAVN), Includes: GOOG, GOOGL
by: Chris Katje
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Chris Katje
Research analyst, Growth, value, IPOs

Raven Industries announces big growth initiatives of Raven Autonomy and Raven Composites.

Two smart acquisitions in the agriculture segment will power growth of Raven Autonomy.

Aerostar set to benefit as partner Loon begins balloon-powered internet commercialization efforts.

Shares sit in the middle of the 52-week range and should return above $40 with news of Loon or a recovery in agriculture equipment sales.

Raven Industries (RAVN) is an industry leader in agricultural solutions and composites. The company is not a well-known one, but helps farmers get better yields, creates balloons that can be seen in Macy’s