Enphase Energy 2020 Vision

About: Enphase Energy, Inc. (ENPH), Includes: CY, IFNNF, PCRFY, RUN, SEDG, SPWR, TSLA
by: TJ Roberts
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TJ Roberts
Long/short equity, tech, small-cap, long only

Enphase receives an A+ from BBB, Solaredge receives an F.

Enphase “dual” IQ8D will be seriously competitive in C/I market.

“Ensemble-in-a-Box” could be Enphase’s iPhone of the offgrid world.

Infineon's increased efficiency improves the quality of Enphase’s IQ8.

3.5M IQ's, 120MWh Encharge, and $450M revenue per quarter potential.

Christmas came early for Enphase (ENPH) shareholders at Analyst Day last week, and even a "sell" recommendation by short-seller Cramer did nothing to tarnish the phenomenal event. Enphase announced two major