Hawaiian Holdings Buy-Ranked For Near Cap-Gains By Market-Makers

About: Hawaiian Holdings, Inc. (HA)
by: Peter F. Way, CFA
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Peter F. Way, CFA
ETF investing, CFA, portfolio strategy, long/short equity

Preface: This article compares coming stock price expectations of well informed market professionals. No technological or industry competitive insights will be discussed, only insights on securities’ market price influences.

Buyer-seller negotiations over large-volume blocks of thousands of stocks each US market day produce market-maker forecasts of their likely coming price ranges, including these stocks.

We rank them all based on past price performance subsequent to prior forecasts with balances between upside-to-downside price change proportions like those seen this day.

Rankings consider odds for profitable buys, accomplishment credibility of reaching target prices, typical size of captured gains and interim price drawdowns encountered, and holding periods required. These all contribute.

Investment Thesis

The investment thesis of this article is that a most important reason for investing in any stock is its potential for portfolio wealth-building and that requires informed forecasts of its likely future price.