Global Net Lease: The Best Triple-Net REIT Preferred Opportunity

About: Global Net Lease, Inc. (GNL), Includes: CWH, GNL.PA, NNN, NNN.PF, O, SRC, SRC.PA, VER.PF, WPC
by: Rida Morwa
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Rida Morwa
Research analyst, REITs, energy, Dividend income for retirees

As predicted, 2019 has been a very strong year for preferred equity and other fixed-income.

The triple-net-lease REIT sector is one of the safest REIT sectors.

Most triple-net REIT preferred shares yield 5% to 6%.

These triple-net preferreds yield 7%, are equally high-quality and go ex-dividend soon.

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We are pleased to provide coverage on the Global Net Lease (GNL) preferred stocks. GNL has two preferred which are GNL-A (GNL.PA) and GNL-B (GNL.PB).