Waiting For Value Investing To Flow

About: Big Lots, Inc. (BIG), CRWD, DKDRF, EXPE, JACK, LPG, RHP, Includes: ABBV, BHC, BP, OKTA, REGN, XBIT, ZUO
by: SA Marketplace
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We conclude our year-end Roundtable series with a two-part look at value investing in the year to come.

Our panel shares where they are focused - free cash flow and under-favored sectors, for example, and what they are discarding.

They also share a wide variety of top picks, showing the many ways one can define a value investing play.

2019 finishes with an extra kick for investors. Part of that is the continued strong run of the market, erasing memories of last year's near bear market and extending the decade-long bull. There also are