CytoDyn's Future Is Looking Brighter And Brighter: Entering A Transformational Year 2020

About: CytoDyn Inc. (CYDY)
by: Jannik Reiners
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Jannik Reiners
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Shares rallied about 300% in December after the company announced a US HIV licensing deal with Vyera Pharmaceuticals.

The company plans to submit Part 2 and 3 of their BLA for leronlimab for HIV combo in January. Once accepted, the BLA should be approved in Q2 2020.

CytoDyn is making good progress with its cancer trials; a replication of the stunning results seen in the first two patients in a higher number of patients would be ground-breaking.

2020 is likely to be a transformational year for the company with many catalysts ahead.

If its potential in non-HIV indications like cancer, NASH, GvHD and MS (and other diseases where CCR5 is involved) is validated, leronlimab might turn out to be a mega-blockbuster.

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