Methanex: Excellent Management, But Now Is Not The Time To Buy

About: Methanex Corporation (MEOH)
by: Michael Z. Yu
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Michael Z. Yu
Value, long-term horizon, dividend growth investing, closed-end funds

Methanex buys natural gas, converts it to methanol, and operates in markets across the globe.

Supply/demand forecasts for methanol look bearish for MEOH shares in the short term.

Supply/demand forecasts for natural gas look neutral for MEOH shares in the short term.

MEOH has an excellent management, as evidenced by its capital allocation patterns in its financial data.

Not a buy in the current market environment, but definitely worth scooping up some shares once methanol prices bottom out.

Methanex’s Business & Operations

Methanex (MEOH) converts natural gas, or methane (CH4), to methanol (CH3OH). First, where are Methanex’s facilities? They are scattered all over the globe: Trinidad, New