Homology's Inconclusive Data Leads To Highly Overvalued Stock - Price Target Of $5

About: Homology Medicines, Inc. (FIXX), Includes: BMRN
by: Med Genie
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Med Genie
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Recent clinical data of n=3 leaves more questions than answers. Low dose Cohort 1 (n=2) is a flat out bust.

Higher Dose Cohort 2 (n=1) data optically and statistically exaggerate results which are nearly within one standard deviation on Phe and Tyr pre-treatment levels. Much less remarkable than the headlines.

Phenylalanine levels are still not near normal for Cohort 2.

What will week 5 and beyond look like for cohort 2? Where is patient 4?

Largest dedicated healthcare hedgefund shareholder isn't waiting around and starts substantial selling right after data. Insiders have been selling for months.

The long awaited pheNIX Phase 1/2 first human data for Phenylketonuria (PKU) was finally released after the close December 17. (press release link) (slide show link) While appearing to show safety, Cohort 1 of two