I'm A Big Fan Of Kimberly-Clark But There's No Reason To Buy Now

About: Kimberly-Clark Corporation (KMB), Includes: CL, CLX, PG, RBGPF, UL, UN
by: The European View
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The European View
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I was recently wondering if it is a good time to buy more shares of Kimberly-Clark.

After thorough due diligence I decided to wait with an additional purchase.

Comparative fundamental considerations speak against a further investment. "Low" P/E ratio have to be seen in a wider context.

Even from the perspective of a dividend investor, the current time is historically bad for an investment. Since 1991 there have only been two years with a lower dividend yield.

In this article, I have graphically summarized these main reasons below.


I have some Kimberly-Clark (KMB) shares in my own diversified retirement portfolio. From time to time, I am faced with the question of which company I should increase my investment in. At