IQVIA Holdings: Weak Financials Cloud The Growth Prospects

About: IQVIA Holdings Inc. (IQV), Includes: AMGN, AMZN, FB, GOOG, PFE, RHHBY
by: Dulan Lokuwithana
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Dulan Lokuwithana
Research analyst, long/short equity, healthcare, restaurants

The trials backed by data analytics make clinical development shorter and less costly.

The recent FDA approvals highlight the official acceptance of the trend.

The industry looks promising as Big Pharma acquires data suppliers at rich multiples amid intense rivalry with tech giants joining the fray.

IQVIA’s current premium in trading multiples adequately reflects the industry prospects.

However, the weak fundamentals make a further upside unlikely.

Investment Thesis

With R&D expenses rising, the global pharma industry is increasingly relying on data analytics for speedier and cost-effective clinical trials. The new approach has the backing of the FDA, which recently approved new