Trying To Ride The Esports Megatrend: The Roundhill Esports And Digital Entertainment ETF

About: Listed Funds Trust - Roundhill BITKRAFT Esports & Digital Entertainment ETF (NERD), Includes: ATVI, EA, NTES, SE
by: Kevin Mackie
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Kevin Mackie
Value, long only

An overview and opinion on the NERD ETF in general, its construction, and make-up.

Five of the fund's heavier-weighted holdings are analyzed.

If exposure to esports is the goal, an investment in NERD is suitable for those not wanting to go to the effort of digging deep on individual names.

I recently wrote in great detail what I consider to be one of the more sure megatrends of our time, that of the continued rise, popularity, monetization, and profitability of competitive video gaming or esports.