Lindblad Expeditions: Cruising Toward Steady Growth In 2020 And Beyond

About: Lindblad Expeditions Holdings, Inc. (LIND)
by: 1035 Capital Management
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1035 Capital Management
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LIND is the leader in expedition-style cruises, a niche market that is among the fastest-growing segments of the adventure travel market.

LIND is building two new icebreaker vessels that will allow guests to travel deeper into the polar regions, going literally where no one has been before.

These new vessels are driving significant bookings for LIND while also helping to improve its mix toward higher yields.

In 2016, LIND acquired Natural Habitats, a land-based tour operator that provides attractive opportunities to cross-sell the two companies' complementary products.

In addition to LIND's strategic alliance with National Geographic, Natural Habitat is partnered with the World Wildlife Foundation providing a unique and valuable referral source.

Lindblad (LIND) is a unique cruise operator dedicated to providing clients with exciting and exclusive expedition-style travel to far off destinations. The company focuses on more affluent consumers over the age of 50