Cameco Could Be One Of Best Stocks To Own This Decade

About: Cameco Corporation (CCJ), Includes: OGZPY, URG
by: Zoltan Ban
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Zoltan Ban
Commodities, macro, gold & precious metals, long/short equity

Even though the uranium spot price bottomed in late 2016, uranium mining stocks have not performed spectacularly since then, mostly because the uranium market is trading sideways.

This decade should lead to uranium demand surprising to the upside as the world tries to reduce emissions, while limits to wind and solar power will have to be acknowledged.

Cameco stock is perhaps the best candidate to play an expected uranium rally in the long term, while remaining insulated from excessive risk of uranium selloffs in the short term.

I started buying uranium mining stocks in 2017 after I predicted that the uranium spot price would bottom at the end of 2016. While my call for the uranium price bottom in late 2016 turned