A 50% Pullback Is Possible: Prepare With Proper Hedging

About: SPDR S&P 500 Trust ETF (SPY)
by: Damon Verial
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Damon Verial
Contrarian, newsletter provider, tech, event-driven

Anyone investing in this market should consider both the possibility of a correction and the potential size of that correction.

More of an extension of this slow-and-steady upward market is possible, but the risk/reward moves higher in favor of the bears with time.

Hedging for this downside is your best choice for saving yourself from the anxiety that comes with watching the market fall 15%, 20%, or even 50%.

In late 2018, I became fearful enough to write a warning for the bulls in – at that point – the longest bull market is history. I was mainly prompted by a drastic change in