Acquiring Decawave, Qorvo Is Second Major Maker Of Location Chips With Technology Apple Is Mainstreaming

About: Qorvo, Inc. (QRVO), Includes: AAPL, INTC, NXPI
by: Bruce Krulwich
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Bruce Krulwich
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Chipmaker Qurvo is acquiring Decawave, maker of innovative UWB chips for highly accurate indoor localization.

Qorvo will be the second major chipmaker making chips for UWB, recently adopted by Apple. Qorvo is a big supplier of other chips to Apple.

UWB chips are likely a big part of the future of location-enabled electronics.

While the acquisition price was not announced, I estimate the price to be between $400M and $500M. Decawave is the latest of over 25 indoor location companies to be acquired.

For sixteen years Decawave, based in Ireland, has been developing, promoting and selling chips for ultra-wideband, also called UWB. After years of trailblazing the UWB market as a small privately held company, it was