Facebook Beats Revenue And Earnings, Yet Selling Off Hard - Canary Meet Coal Mine

About: Facebook, Inc. (FB), Includes: AAPL, AMAT, AMD, GOOG, GOOGL, LK, MSFT, MU, NVDA, TSLA
by: David H. Lerner
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David H. Lerner
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Facebook, in another place and time, reporting these numbers, would be rallying. By place and time I mean where we are in the in the rally.

We are in the throes of a corrective phase, as such attempting a fast trade is not advised. I wouldn't take full positions.

If you are an investor or looking to build a position over time for a trade (slow money), please take small bites over the next week.

I'm tempted by the sell off of Facebook, also Advanced Micro Devices, and the two stars of the day, Microsoft and Tesla. But I'm NOT buying today.

What to do overall? Cash is still king.

Why isn’t Facebook (FB) up instead of down 16 points in the pre-market?

No doubt most of you stock market obsessives like me already have pored over Facebook's (NASDAQ:FB) results