NanoViricides Will Return To $3-$5 As Soon As The Coronavirus Newsflow Fades

About: NanoViricides, Inc. (NNVC), Includes: INO, MRNA
by: White Diamond Research
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White Diamond Research
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Our research suggests that NanoViricides (NNVC) is unable to even attempt to create a coronavirus vaccine or treatment.

On 1/24/20, NNVC sold 2.85M shares at $3 apiece, which is about 20% of the current share price.

NNVC has told investors it would create a vaccine for other epidemics in the past, like Zika, but those went nowhere.

NNVC has basically the same pipeline of preclinical drugs that it had since 2008.

On 1/30/20, NNVC announced it is working on a coronavirus treatment, however it states that it has not been offered any collaborative funding.

If investors are looking to invest in a biotech that can create a possible treatment for the coronavirus, we believe NanoViricides (NNVC) is the last stock they should buy in the “coronavirus sector”.